I was a member of the 2017/18 cohort for the Museums Association’s Transformers: Diversify CPD programme. I have always been vocal about my experiences as someone from a working class background in a sector that consistently views expensive post-graduate qualifications and the ability to work for free at lengthy internships and volunteer placements as prerequisites to museum work. Transformers gave me the opportunity to learn about museum activism, influencing change in the workplace, and helped me gain the confidence to speak up about issues which are uncomfortable, but necessary. I have blogged extensively about the subject on my blog; my post on the Cost of Working in Museums was selected for publication on the Museums Association website and I was interviewed by the Museums Journal as part of their coverage around the 2017 MA Salary Guidelines.

Since 2018 I have been a member of Museum as Muck, a network for working class museum professionals started by the brilliant Michelle McGrath and continue to work with MaM to further the conversation about class and museums.