Acid Free is a consultancy dedicated to unpacking museum collections. Is the state of your collections data and documentation preventing you from making the most of your objects? We believe getting to grips with the basic documentation of collections is the key to unlocking their potential to engage and inspire audiences. Better catalogued collections are more likely to be unpacked and set free from the museum store. We can help with a realistic and manageable plan to banish your backlog, tailored to your organisational needs and ambitions, while meeting the latest Arts Council England Accreditation standard.

Unpacking collections is also about unpacking the language we use to describe objects, and revealing their historic and contemporary social significance. At Acid Free we love working on projects which uncover histories which have been hidden, forgotten, or not given their rightful place in our museums. This might be looking at the balance of genders in the people represented in a museum’s database and in their displays, or re-looking at ethnographic objects collected during the era of British colonialism, as in the Making African Connections project.

With 10 years’ experience working in museums of all sizes, we understand the pressure on museum resources and the ambition within the sector to do more with less. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. As consultants on a project Acid Free is committed to working with your museum team to tailor outcomes to your collections and your organisation.